Reading Rockets

Reading rockets provides a time in the busy week for the whole school to celebrate and enjoy reading together.

The aim: to create a school wide love for reading and as a result improve children’s reading levels

Time: 30 minutes every 3 or 4 weeks

How it works: 

The whole school sets aside 30 minutes to read together. Half of each class swaps with half of another class for example:

Half of year 3 with half of year 1 reading in year 1 whilst the other half of year 3 and half of year 1 read in year  3.

Each child should choose a book prior to the session starting. All the children should move to the correct classroom. Once the children are in the correct rooms they should be arranged into pairs or threes so that each group has children from both year groups (the group size will depend on class numbers). The children should take it in turns to read and discuss their books with each other. They should continue to swap books for the whole 30 minutes. The focus should be on reading for enjoyment rather than reading speed or correct pronunciation/understanding.

The teacher should also read a book to highlight the importance of this time. They can either read on their own or read with a group of children.

Try to create a fun but calm atmosphere in the classroom. Encourage the children to speak softly however try not to create a tense atmosphere where children are being told off or given consequences rather encourage reading and sensible discussion through praise and by setting a good example.

Reading rockets could also be used between two classes on a more regular basis.



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