Rural Africa

A wide range of lesson plans and resources created whilst teaching year two (7-8 years old) in a rural South African school. The teaching material is in line with the South African National Curriculum but can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any classroom.

English Year 1

Two sequences of lessons, created for year one, which aim to help children learn and write stories.

English Year 2

A range of lesson sequences, aimed at year two, looking at writing stories, fact files, instructions, fables and poems.


Reading is a crucial part of children’s learning and one that must be nurtured and developed by teachers and parents alike. Guided Reading and Reading Rockets are a fun and inclusive way to create a love for reading not only in each classroom but throughout the entire school.


Phonics is an essential part of the curriculum and if planned well can provide the children with a chance to self learn through inquisitive, exciting and engaging exploration.

Circle Time

Circle time is a unique pause in the curriculum for children and teachers to develop communication, trust and confidence whilst discussing difficulties the children are facing.


A wide range of lesson ideas that can be easily adapted to different settings and age groups. Each sequence of lessons encompasses all areas of the curriculum including science, geography, history, drama and art.